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Hey there, Cumberland County! We're bursting with excitement to share our brand new MISSION with you.

We are dedicated to celebrating the diverse and vibrant world of our arts community.

Here at the Arts Council, we're on a mission to:
🤝 Connect our communities
🌈 Embrace diversity
🎨 Promote individual creativity
💼 Advanced economic development
📚 Foster lifelong learning through the arts

Why? Because we believe ART has the POWER to unite, inspire, and transform.✨

Join us on this incredible journey as we dive into each aspect of our mission, introduce you to the remarkable individuals shaping our community, and share stories that will warm your heart.❤

We want YOU to be part of this captivating visual journey of the #WeAreTheArts campaign and to share your ARTS STORY! 🌈


✨ Calling all art enthusiasts! It's time for the #WeAreTheArts Challenge! ✨
Here's how to join:
🖼️ Share a photo or video of your favorite artwork.
📝Tell us why it inspires you or how it makes you feel.
📍 Use the hashtag #WeAreTheArts to showcase your creativity!

Let's fill our feed with the beauty of art and inspiration. Ready, set, create!🎨

From our humble beginnings to our vibrant present, witness the transformative power of art and community in Cumberland County. ✨Your support has been the brushstroke that adds color to our journey. Thank you for being a part of our artistic adventure!🎨

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories, exciting events, and creative collaborations as we continue to celebrate the arts together.


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