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The Arts Council of Fayetteville | Cumberland County is proud to announce the opening of its latest exhibit, Unyielding Sonder: Quiet but Multifaceted Voices by Asian/Pacific Islander Artists in the U.S. Curated by the esteemed multi-disciplinary artist, Ray Im, this captivating exhibit showcases the rich and diverse perspectives of Asian/Pacific Islander artists residing in the United States.

From April 12th to May 18th, the community is invited to explore the profound narratives and expressions featured in this thought-provoking exhibit. Featuring a range of artistic mediums Unyielding Sonder promises to enthrall audiences with its depth, beauty, and introspective exploration of identity, heritage, and the human experience.

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Humna Raza

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Definition of Sonder:
The realization that every individual has a life as full and central as our own, with others in secondary roles. The concept of sonder suggests that each individual can play multiple roles in various narratives, both as a protagonist and a supporting character.


The experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander artists are complex and multifaceted as they navigate the intricacies of multicultural worlds while grappling with their split identities. However, their diverse backgrounds afford them distinctive perspectives that inspire making art. This exhibition showcases varied artistic expressions by Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander artists residing in the United States. In the theme of Unyielding Sonder, participating artists present a source of empowerment that celebrates the enduring and evolving narratives in the Western world. The exhibition illuminates the challenges and successes of these artists
through their artwork and personal stories, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of
their unique perspectives.


[left] Stoicism of the Asian Male / Tama Takahashi

[right] Hide & Seek / Angaea Cuna  

Studio Oong is proud to present Oort Cloud, a stunning collection of artwork from Reflections from The Other World. This exquisite chandelier piece seeks to capture the essence of pure fantasy, drawing inspiration from the organic natural shapes and the Korean tradition of stone collecting called Suseok. In this tradition, stones are valued in their natural form and associated with the beauty of the natural world. By adapting this idea to modern interior design, Studio Oong has created a contemporary interpretation of traditional Korean purity and positivity,
merging Korean and American perspectives to develop a fusion of functionality and fantastical forms that bridge reality and fantasy.

Diana Noh displays unsettling photographs of abandoned places to delve into the emotional turmoil of growing up between different cultures. She discusses the difficulties and dilemmas of being born in America but raised in an Asian household. Through her art, she deconstructs and reconstructs large-scale photographs to visualize her emotional struggles and the process of healing. Using various stitching techniques on printed paper, she tells the stories of intentionally reconstructed life, revealing how she learned to survive in the Western world as an Asian


Shape Shifting / Delaney Shin

Georgie O'Brien showcases her paintings that portray her intimate and emotional experiences of living while also placing her Asian heritage in the context of the British and American communities where she belongs. Her paintings create distorted personal spaces and bodies, presenting a new reality. As an Asian-European residing in the U.S., she blends the art of quilting and Korean Bojagi fiber practice to create a tricultural artistic practice in her painting.


The Unyielding Sonder exhibition showcases an exceptional collection of artworks created by a group of talented multidisciplinary artists. Using 2D, 3D, installation, and video performances, these artists explore thought-provoking themes such as nostalgia, displacement, and intrafamilial dynamics. All the artists in this exhibition are immigrants who use their art to convey their unique perspectives and opinions. This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for the residents of Cumberland County to learn about minority communities. It is essential to note that the exhibition primarily focuses on Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders, who represent a relatively small percentage of the U.S. population. Therefore, this exhibition provides a unique chance for people to gain a comprehensive and engaging understanding of these communities' distinct cultures, traditions, and histories. Visitors can deepen their knowledge of the challenges and triumphs experienced by minority groups, promoting greater empathy, diversity, and inclusivity in our society.

- Ray Im, Curator & Artist


Eric E. Sung
  • The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Research Grant Recipient for 2022-2024

  • Professor of Art, Photography

  • Program Director for Business and Innovation

  • Department of Art and Art History

  • Providence College

Sangmi Yoo
  • Professor, Studio Art: Printmaking
  • School of Art | Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Texas Tech University


Ray Im
[With assistance from Arts Council Operations Management, Staff, and Exhibition Committee.]

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