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our resident artist:

The Arts Council of Fayetteville | Cumberland County is excited to introduce our first in-house Artist Residency program: the Southeastern Artist in Residence. Our first artist in residence is Katie Crawford, a local mixed media and watercolor artist.  Her whimsical designs tell sweet stories of nature and the animals that live there.

5. Almost Tethered.jpg

Almost Tethered by Katie Crawford

artist statement

We are immersed in stories every day. We use them to instruct, admonish, communicate and most importantly connect. Narratives bring points of view closer together. Tales bring other realms to life. Fables shape our understanding of the world. It is those powers of connection that drive me to create and the desire to shape a better world that inspires the stories I tell. 

While young we are encouraged to use our imagination, see the world differently, tell tall tales. But as we age imagination gets edited out of our narratives. My work focuses on telling stories that bring these two perspectives back together and shape a world where the wonder of childhood and the wisdom of adulthood coexist.


Katie Crawford

In this body of work I am combining whimsical narrative portraits with scientific discovery. Each painted portrait is a native North Carolina animal coupled with a native plant found in that animal’s environment. The plants and animals are rendered with identifying characteristics specific to the species. The combination of expressive character development and scientific information tells the story of both nature’s wonders and realities. The pairings often speak of the connectedness of the landscape which opens a broader discussion about ecology but also of human connections, communities and our impact on each other.

2. Marbled Salamander wih Hickory Leave.jpg

Marbled Salamander with Hickory Leaves by Katie Crawford

Artist Bio:

I am a life long creator in many media concentrating primarily on watercolor and mixed media paintings. Originally from VA I graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelors of Science in Anthropology and a minor in art history. Art has always been my passion however so after graduating I became a self taught professional artist. I have sold work from coast to coast through galleries, fine art festivals and solo exhibitions. Most recently publishing a children’s book which I both wrote and illustrated. My art business has traveled with me around the country but I am now happy to consider Fayetteville home!" 

- Katie Crawford

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