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Acrylic on canvas

24" x 36" x 2"




Finding power through respite and reflection.Transformation is healing. Freedom is taking time out for ourselves to rejuvenate, especially through inspiring natural elements. This painting reflects a roadtrip I took with my daughter Desiree. We visited Callaway Gardens in South Georgia for respite.




Statement: Through my art, painting, drawing and mixed media, I examine my Chicana identity where I explore issues of race, class, gender, and religious and cultural traditions in the Mexican American family. Drawing from my hybrid heritage of diverse cultural traditions, values and perspectives, I examine the negotiating between differing worldviews and viewpoints within the U.S. and Latin America. These viewpoints often times are perplexing and contradictory. In my paintings, I explore paradoxes of life, and my use of culturally affirming imagery is a decolonizing strategy.






Time for Dreams | Valerie Aranda


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