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Black paper, watercolor, colorpencil, chrome paint, cold wax

10" x 14" x 0"



Statement: “At five, I was introduced to watercolor painting by my mother. Colors and the way they transformed under her brush seemed magical, and I yearned to create that magic.” I painted my first piece at 3. By 10, we had relocated from Costa Rica to the USA due to my mother’s marriage. Amidst the challenges of adapting to a new culture, language, and norms, painting became my solace. It was my escape from restrictions and confines. Abstract painting for me is akin to meditation, placing me in an intermediate space where boundaries feel blurred. It’s in this realm that I find moments of clarity, choosing where my attention goes. It’s a dance between analysis and intuition, always remaining receptive. Here, the world seems boundless, filled with possibilities. During my creative process, I let go of stringent plans and anticipations. Often, it’s less about conscious thinking and more about intuitively sensing the next step, leaning into the vastness of my own consciousness.



Luz Donahue, a vibrant abstract watercolor artist, crafts an evocative visual language through her art, engaging in rich dialogues with the world around her. Her blend of watercolor, color pencil, and mixed media, enhanced by unusual paints like yin blue, musou black, and glow-in-the-dark hues, creates a captivating spectrum of self-expression.


Born in Costa Rica, Luz's early life was marked by relocation to Bakersfield in California's Central Valley. The transition and subsequent cultural isolation forged her resilient spirit and sparked her transformative journey into the arts. She found solace in nature and the freedom of creative expression, her early experiences shaping her unique artistic style. Over a decade ago, Luz moved to Santa Cruz, California, where she continues to draw inspiration from the lush environment reminiscent of her birthplace.


In her art, Luz encapsulates the value of play—a crucial element she deeply cherishes in life. She treats her canvas as a playground, and the process of creating art as an uninhibited exploration. This perspective infuses her work with a spirited vitality that reflects her spirited personality and enriches her connection with her audience.


Each of Luz's creations unfolds organically, with layers of color and emotion discovered rather than pre-designed. Her layered process mirrors the intricate tapestry of her life, with each addition serving as a time capsule, encapsulating the emotional essence of a moment. Luz often documents the times, dates, and locations of each layer, forming a visual journal that captures her response to daily experiences.


Luz's exploration of consciousness and the human condition permeates her work. As a self-taught artist with a deep interest in tech, media, and futurism, Luz reflects on the implications of our digital age, notably how our interactions with data tracking might influence our consciousness. This concept finds further illustration in her NFT project, a blend of physical and digital media portraying the subtle dance between consciousness and data.


Despite early success as a portraitist, an injury led Luz to pivot towards abstract watercolor painting, a turn of events that she now views as a blessing in disguise. It encouraged her to delve into abstract art, aligning her professional path more closely with her authentic creative expression. Luz's work has since found its home in museums and galleries, and she also shares her insights and methodology through her thriving teaching practice.


Today, Luz Donahue stands as a testament to resilience, authenticity, and the transformative power of art. Her vivid tapestry of life experiences, insights, and imaginative creations beckons viewers to join her in a captivating journey of self-discovery and personal expression. The essence of play woven throughout her artistic narrative adds an intriguing, approachable quality that invites viewers to connect deeply with her and her work.

I Can't See My Own Vantage Point | Luz Mariel Donahue


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