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Acrylic on Canvas

60" x 80" x 1.6"



Statement: Art has always been my consolation in the most difficult moments of my life, but it has also been a faithful companion of my joys. I use abstract expressions to communicate feelings, emotions, energy; all these manifestations that cannot be convoyed with words or actions. I express myself primarily through the wide variety of colors in my palette and the strength of my strokes. Many times, this communication flows without a previous scheme; direct, spontaneous, in the style of "action painting". Other times, it is the result of clear ideas. Sometimes they come to my thoughts in the form of revelations or dreams. Some of my works also arise from politic concepts (In mi parallel polis, 2009), concerns and criticism (Glyphosate, 2006; Mass Media Effect, 2000) of political and social situations (Feeling Ukraine, 2002; Colombia: paz y reconciliación, 2022; State of political and social polarization; 2022).



Art is for me, a vital necessity, a universal language that everybody understands; a mind-field in which energy flows and connects us beyond the borders; that place in where everything makes sense.

Caribbean breeze | Marisa Contreras


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