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Legacy and Future

We Are Fayetteville:

Fayetteville’s Northside Community Mural

"We Are Fayetteville: Legacy and Future" is a beautifully vibrant and innovative state-of-the-art scenic design that adds enormous value to the cultural, aesthetic, and economic vitality of our community.


The power of art continues to inspire thoughts, emotions, and joy as onlookers see a representation of ourselves and the rich history, heritage, and legacy of Fayetteville reflected through the mural.


Overpass I-295 Gateway

At the intersection of I-295 and North Ramsey Street, the concrete bridge support structures were transformed into a wondrous work of art that depicts symbolic scenes and vibrant colors reflective of the community's lifestyle and history. 


This interpretation of Fayetteville's inclusive, yet diverse, community is expressed through green and gold images of agricultural and recreational scenes that symbolize our thriving neighborhoods and businesses.

Legacy and Future

We Are Fayetteville:


North Carolina's Visionary Artist
Jermaine “JP” Powell

Fuquay-Varina's mixed media artist and muralist, Jermaine "JP" Powell, captures a visually compelling rendition of life in the Northside community.


Powell's vision for the mural represents the community's strong sense of pride, family, unity, and growth that makes Fayetteville a desirable place to live, work, and play.


Blank Canvas Of Possibilities

Project planning was made public in February 2020 as part of Fayetteville’s Corridor Revitalization Project, a collaboration between Fayetteville | Cumberland Parks and Recreation and the Arts Council of Fayetteville | Cumberland County. 


Completion of the mural spurs the possibility for future public art and beautification projects across Fayetteville that would make our roadways and public spaces brighter.

Muralist Selection Process

A Mural Advisory Committee was created by the Arts Council to guide the process which began with a nation-wide search for an artist with the proven talent and capacity to create such a large outdoor mural. The Advisory Committee reviewed the work of 14 artists through a blind jury competition to select the mural artist. 


Based on his digital portfolio and strength of design, the committee selected Jermaine "JP" Powell from Fuquay-Varina to be the mural artist. Through community engagements and after numerous artist renderings, the Fayetteville Public Arts Commission and City Council approved  the final design for the mural.


Mural Promo Photo Files


Mural Promo Video Files


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City of Fayetteville Corporate Communications


Project Partners

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