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An 'Artlife' Art Experience

Works by Andrew Brooks
Abstract Art Collective & Film Screening
January 6 - 21, 2023
The Arts Center, Fayetteville

Free and open for public viewing.

You're invited to explore the eclectic visionary works of artist and filmmaker Andrew Brooks. Described as an “ARTlife” Art Experience, Andrew presents an aesthetically stimulating collection of over twenty large-scale acrylic and oil pen paintings on canvas.


His works are symbolic of the exaggerated, rhythmic stroke styles and the unconventional, dynamic application techniques used by the pioneers of the Urban Abstract Expressionism movement.

Featured Artwork Includes:

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Visit The Arts Center To View Full Collective

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Film Screening
“What Would Picasso Do?”

Written, Directed, and produces by filmmaker Andrew Brooks

film synopsis

As a young, broke, and struggling artist trying to break through the cut-throat perceptions of art enthusiasts who simply do not understand and reject his creative direction, “What Would Picasso Do?” recounts the journey of Dewayne (played by Mehki Adams) whose years-long struggle ends abruptly when he lands the sale of his very first million-dollar painting, thus, launching his prosperous painting career.

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Meet Artist & Filmmaker
Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks is a multi-talented creative and army veteran of the United States Military who has served in OIF. He has pioneered his career within the film industry becoming an award-winning Free-Lance Editor and Director of Photography.

Having worked for many networks such as HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, and Fox, Andrew’s filmmaking experience extends to directing over 10 short films and producing over 70 music videos.

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