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10:10:10 Exhibit

10 Artists, 10 Linear Feet,

10 Self-Curated Exhibitions

March 25th - May 21st, 2022
The Arts Center

Free & Open For Public Viewing

The 10:10:10 exhibition was developed to capture a diverse collection of imaginative and impressive artwork by giving  gifted North Carolina artists a platform that encourages unconventional and architectural expressions of their vision and life  experiences.


Juried by the Arts Council’s Exhibition Committee composed of visual arts specialists, each of the 10 selected  artists received 10 linear feet of space in The Arts Center Gallery to display their 10 self-curated exhibitions. Their range of  artwork features 2D and 3D mediums such as photography, 3D sculptures, acrylic and oil paintings, drawings, and other  mixed media pieces. 

Featured Artists:

Joseph Bellofatto Headshot.jpg

Joseph Bellofatto: Clayton, NC

"Love the concept. Invites a diverse yet thematic aesthetic to a group show. My first time showing in Fayetteville since moving to North Carolina and looking forward to experiencing how well my work is received. Looks to be a great space with wonderful lighting."

Morgan Goodrum: Wilmington, NC

"I'm super stoked. I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work with 9 other talented NC artists who all have very different styles and mediums. This show is a great way to gain exposure and show what NC art has to offer."


CJ Howard: Wilmington, NC

"It is such a joy to connect with the Fayetteville community and get to know new artists."

Angela Lubinecky: Matthews, NC

"When you look at my art you will find glimpses into where life has taken me. I was raised in a multicultural expatriate community in East Africa and was exposed to a variety of influences. My work is a reflection of my family’s optimism, sense of adventure and embrace of everything life and this world has to offer."


Laura Sexton: Gastonia, NC

"It is an honor to share my journey with my father's brain cancer treatment from the beginning through the time we spent together while he and mom adjusted. I feel painting these helped channel energy into his healing, and I can't help but think the more people share in his story, the more healing will be sent his way - and mom's - as they face this together."


Joanna Sokolowska: Cary, NC

"The human being, with his dual nature - sensual and spiritual, is my biggest inspiration and focus. My style combines elements of realism with expressive, emotional quest for power of expression. My works become ‘a meeting place’ – a meeting with the inner and exterior selves, while at the same time opening up a meeting space with another’s essence."

Joanna Sokolowska Profile Picture.jpg

Stacy-Ann Topjian Searle: Carrboro, NC

"The 10.10.10. Exhibit is my first opportunity to share my work here in North Carolina. Being able to curate 10 feet of wall space, allows for me to exhibit a good representation of my pen and ink work. I am grateful for this opportunity."

Bill Wallace: Wake Forest, NC

"I've never shown in Fayetteville before and I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Arts Councils are really good about expressing the public to different artwork."


CIMAGE: Greensboro, NC

"I am an entrepreneur, self-taught artist with a passion for photography & 2 Masters has been working with photography since he was 15 years old. I blend my Photoshop skills with photography, bringing about a perfect marriage of my two passions and create a unique wall art."

Debi Drew: Chapel Hill, NC

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my artwork with the Fayetteville community. I consider it an honor to be selected with the other talented artists as we celebrate our unique creativity. I pray my biblical-centered art touches souls!"

Debi Drew Headshot3.png

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