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Title: Lemonade: Self-Portrait

Artist: Dionna Bright

Medium: Archival Pigment Print

Dimensions: 16inx20in

Year: 2021



Granny passed away in April 2021. My childhood memories of community love are intertwined with family gatherings at her house during holidays and celebrations. Granny's kitchen table, laden with a variety of southern meals, was the focal point and we’d all eat, drink and commune. These are memories that I treasure greatly. Despite the challenges of raising eight children in a modest 2-bedroom home during segregation, Granny’s place served as the backdrop for these gatherings, a safe place that fostered family, life and love. This self-portrait serves as a tribute to Granny's resilient spirit, showcasing how she turned challenges into opportunities throughout her life.


Lemonade: Self-Portrait


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