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Rivermist’s love of audience appeal...


Rivermist was formed in July 2014 in Fayetteville, NC. The band is a collaboration of musicians that have been playing in and around the Fayetteville area for more than thirty years. Rivermist’s love of audience appeal, along with the desire to preserve a genre of music familiar to their roots, is what sparked the formation of the group.

“RIVERMIST” is primarily a Classic Rock/ R&B/ Variety party band, and were voted 2016 Best Local Band by “Fayetteville Observer’s Reader’s Choice.” Also, they have been voted Fayetteville/ Ft Bragg’s 2017 Best Local Band, 2018 Best Local Band, and even more recently,  2019 Best Local Band by “Up & Coming Magazine.” Their shows are relaxed; however intensively performed as only professionally driven musicians will give. They realize success will always be judged by their fans. Rivermist’ harmonies, as well as the musicianship, is something that needs to be experienced. The shows are also energetic, so booking Rivermist at your venue is a great choice, and will definitely make it a more exciting event!

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