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Liam & The Nerdy Blues

Liam & The Nerdy Blues is a dynamic, eclectic, and diverse Blues, Soul, & Funk trio from central

North Carolina. Lead singer and guitarist Liam Pendergrass is a seasoned singer-songwriter and

session musician from the Charlotte area, and drummer Josh Harris and bassist Dalton Rowland

come from their own respectable backgrounds of music performance, creating a balanced and

complimentary blend of musicianship, camaraderie, and talent. Opening up for acts such as Ashley

Heath, The Broadcast, and Perpetual Groove, they have performed at numerous festivals, venues,

and community events across the region.

They just released their debut EP "Liam & The Nerdy Blues" on all platforms, and plan to tour the

region and promote that record when the world allows again. Until then, keep an eye on their

YouTube Channel and Social Media for regular content.

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