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If you are like us, we LOVE THE 80's!

It was such a cool time to grow up. Who remembers the Rubix Cube or Swatch Watches or Members Only Jackets? WE DO!!

How about Skinny Ties, Vans Checkerboard Shoes, Guys with Mullets, or Girls with Camaro Hair? WE DO!! MOST OF ALL.....THE MUSIC!! It was such a simpler time. In the 80's POP Radio played all genres, Rock, Rap, Pop, etc. "80's Unplugged was an idea I had years ago," said founder of 80's Unplugged, Bryan Shaw. "I have played and continue to play all types of music but nothing makes me feel like I do when that 80's song comes on the radio, you know the one, you haven't heard in years. Takes you right back to your youth." That is what Unplugged [tries] to capture at all our shows. No frills, just two acoustics, one drum, and one incredible decade of music to choose from! All the hits from the 80's... UNPLUGGED!!!!

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