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Kiari Mhoon, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and choreographer. Born and raised in Blytheville,Arkansas by a family of musicians, Kiari began singing and dancing by the age of seven years old performing in various musical venues in his hometown throughout his childhood. He graduated from high school and joined the United States Army to support his mother Angela Galer and two sisters  Keri Williams and Kanesha Williams.

After being in the military for just two years he was discovered by Army Entertainment sending him on a world tour performing a 75 minute broadway style show as an ambassador for the military in 2014. Kiari released his song “Yo Ex” in 2015, which reached over 25 thousand streams within a year from its release date while being signed to his own independent label “Mhoon Records”. Following the disbandment of the Army Entertainment Soldier Show in 2016, he then went on to recording and making music for all of his core fans around the world.

Later that year, he then competed in the 2016 Washington’s Evergreen State Singer competition landing him a number one spot to open up for five time Grammy Nominated superstar Hunter Hayes. In 2017, Kiari took center stage as a solo artist, releasing his first album, 24 Hours in 2017. The album became a huge success and inspiration for the foundation of his career. It sold a couple hundred copies within its first 6 months.

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