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Committed to enriching the lives of youth in underserved communities.

The Money Box Workshop builds confidence by taking a hands-on approach to educating and empowering our youth through the practices of key financial literacy components.

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Investing In Our Community

Setting the foundation of lifelong learning through comprehensive financial literacy and money management practices, The Money Box Workshop helps our youth understand the value of money in a fun, interactive, and creative way.

Real-life Financial Management Practices

Attending youth will engage in creative activities and discussions about budgeting, saving, and spending that will help them gain a fundamental understanding of:


  • managing money

  • avoiding poor financial decisions

  • building financial responsibilities and habits

  • gaining lifelong lessons that better equip them for a more secure and sustainable future

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Relevant Financial Session For Parents & Guardians

The Money Box Workshop also allows parents and guardians of the attending youth to learn financial concepts and better money management skills through financial coaching, free resources, and discussions regarding:


  • credit establishment

  • budget creation

  • debt management

  • retirement planning

  • investment planning

  • financial Q&A

  1. Open To Youth Ages 7 To 14

  2. NO COST To Participate

  3. Limited Registration

  4. Resources Will Be Provided

  5. Refreshments Will Be Served

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Crystal McLean

Visionary co-host and author of two children’s financial literacy books. Earning a B.A. in Banking and Finance, she served as an Investment Banker for 7 years. Currently, she is a Program Manager at The Center for Economic Empowerment and Development (CEED) with the desire to continue to empower our community. Her passions are bridging the gap between generations and educating communities on financial literacy through healthy money habits.

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Kishanna Heyward

Real estate entrepreneur and author of two children's financial literacy books. As an educator with a Masters in Educational Leadership, her passion is to help all learners become financially literate. Specializing in credit and personal finance, she has assisted with facilitating numerous financial literacy courses for low-income families looking to create wealth and increase economic mobility. Her goal is to help others reach financial freedom and create generational wealth.

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The Black Culture Experience series is all about the artistry, connectedness, impact, and vision of African American creatives.

The Money Box Workshop is a part of a series of compelling programs selected by the Arts Council that educate, uplift, and empower today’s youth and influencers by celebrating the artistic talents of local and nationally renown Black artists, producers, and organizations.

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