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NC African Film Festival
March 31 & April 1, 2023
Fayetteville, NC
FREE To Attend


2023 Film Synopsis

The art of cinematic storytelling manifests through treasured tales of social issues, economic disparities, conflict resolutions, and global inequalities faced by communities of African descent to learn from the past and visualize all the possibilities that advancement brings.


Director Olive Nwosu
Fiction, Nigeria and UK, 2021, 14m
In English and Yoruba with English subtitles

Salewa must return home for her mother’s funeral, to Lagos, a place where she once had to hide herself. At the funeral, she runs into an important person from her past and is forced to go in search of her own peace. 


Egúngún (Masquerade) is a meditation on home, memory, and identity – on the many versions of ourselves that haunt us. Yet, in each other, they find the strength to make a change and tell their own stories, devoid of societal pressures. Their strength is so great, it empowers their entire female community to set out for a different future. 


Director Ousmane Samassékou
Documentary, France, Mali and South Africa, 2021, 85m
In Moré, Bambara and French with English subtitles

The House of Migrants in Gao, Mali, is a refuge at the southern edge of the Sahara desert. It welcomes those in transit towards Algeria in the north, or on their way back after a failed attempt to make it to Europe. When Esther and Kady, two teenage girls from Burkina Faso, arrive to regain the strength to continue their journey, they form a friendship with Natacha, a migrant woman in her forties whose memory has faded over the years, along with her hopes of regaining her home. 


The trio finds a semblance of family life, sharing moments of joy, hope, and tenderness. But the girls can’t shake the dream of a future abroad, even when their journey collides with the ones who came back, burdened by failure and trauma.


Director Nganji Mutiri
Belgium and Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2021, 85m
In French and Swahili with English subtitles

Shot in Belgium and the DRC, Juwaa is a subtly powerful drama offering African characters rarely seen on screens. Years after a traumatic night, a son and a mother reconcile and slowly peel away the layers of their complex relationship. 


Director John Ogunmuyiwa
Fiction, UK, 2021 11m
In English and Yoruba with English

John Ogunmuyiwa’s vibrant short is an ode to the mundanity and madness of the high street, told through the window of an African hair salon in London.



Director Tisa Chigaga
Fiction, USA, 2022, 8m
In English and Bemba with English subtitles

An older undocumented migrant is summarily dismissed from her housekeeping position. Cast into desperate uncertainty, she roams the city in despair.


Director Reabetswe Moeti
Fiction, South Africa, 2018, 25m
In Sotho with English subtitles

Based on true events, this film recounts a 2012 massacre in which a group of South African mine workers went on a wage-increase strike, leading to a national tragedy in which 34 miners were brutally killed by the police.



Director Reabetswe Moeti
Fiction, South Africa, 2022, 35m
In Setswana with English subtitles

Botlhale, who’s mentally ill, makes new friends and finds love when he’s institutionalized. The comrades plan an escape to Chicken Heart, a fast-food joint, where they’ll live out their fantasies of being high-society people. But their outing collides with the shutting down of their home, forcing the friends to confront tragedy and death head-on.


Director Amil Shivji
Fiction, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany and Qatar, 2021, 92m
In English and Swahili with English subtitles

Denge, a young freedom fighter, meets Yasmin, an Indian-Zanzibari woman, in the middle of the night as she is on her way to be married. Passion and revolution ensue in this coming-of-age political love story set in the final years of British colonial Zanzibar.

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